10 Excuses Your Friends ALWAYS Use to Get Out of Hanging Out

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I Can't Go Out

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Friends don’t let friends cancel plans with them… by using a bad excuse, that is. Because if you’re going to waste everyone’s time and get their hopes all high for no reason, then you’d better have a good reason for it. It may be a little embellished, but an excuse is an excuse. And these ten are used so often by your friends, they’re almost expected by now:

1. “Oh, I don’t have any money.” Well, maybe if you didn’t spend it all this week on Starbucks coffees and online shopping for stuff you don’t need, we wouldn’t be in this situation.

2. “I’m already in bed.” Okay… does that mean you’ve forgotten how to stand up and put on clothes?


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3. “I don’t feel well.” Another headache??

4. “The weather looks bad.” You want to go to the mall, not on a 3-day voyage on a ship. That one rain cloud’s not gonna hurt you!

5. “My pet is sick.” Unless it’s true, never say this because karma will come out to bite you one day.

6. “I have to babysit.” Well, isn’t that conveniently timed? Couldn’t have mentioned that before today?

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7. “I have a ton of work to catch up on.” Umm… it’s a Friday night.

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8. “I have nothing to wear.” That closet of yours begs to differ.


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9. “Super lazy, rain check? XOXO


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10. “My mom won’t let me.” Ah, the ultimate Get Out of Jail Free card. ’cause no one can question Mama.

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