We Talked With Jersey Shore’s Vinny Guadagnino About Grenades and GTL! JK. Actually, Cyber-Bullying (Exclusive Video)

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Okay, we’ll be honest… when we met Jersey Shore star Vinny Guadagnino, we were expecting to meet a really tan, juiced-up gorilla dude. But maybe it was because we met him at a screening of the new MTV movie DISconnected that Vinny got all serious on us. But we’re not complaining, because he had lots to say about the whole bullying thing, plus, BTW, looked super cute in his hipster glasses. Just sayin’.

Find out what Vinny told us about what to do if you’re cyber-bullied, how Vinny handles the haters, and tons more:

And BTW, make sure you watch DISconnected tonight at 9pm on MTV, ok?! What do you think of Vinny taking a stand against bullying? Do you like seeing this serious side of him? Will you watch the movie tonight? Tell us in the comments!