Exclusive! Robbie Jones Talks ‘Hellcats’ And His Celeb Crush!

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Tonight is another episode of Hellcats, which means we have another opportunity to look at Robbie Jones, who plays Lewis, possibly go shirtless. Fingers crossed! But after we chatted with Robbie about his role on the show, we realized he’s not just a (super super super) hot bod — he’s really smart (guess which college he attended?), and a comedian too!

Robbie told us all about the habit he’s trying to break, his celeb crush, and what him and his castmates call the Hellcats diet. Click on for all the nitty gritty deets!

Teen.com: Did you know much about cheerleading before Hellcats?
Robbie Jones: I didn’t know anything. It’s all been extremely enlightening. All you think is that they stand on the side lines and cheer at the game. But it’s a very dangerous sport and it’s really competitive. There’s no room for error and it’s a high pressure, high impact situation. It’s really quite exhilarating. I’ve learned a lot and I have a brand new respect for the art.

Teen.com: Did you have to work out like crazy to get that cheerleader bod?
Robbie Jones: I work out a lot — we have to. Pray, eat, workout. They’ll throw us in a scene with our shirts off in a moment’s notice. I can’t eat what I really want to eat. We call it the Hellcats diet.

Teen.com: What do you and your character Lewis have in common?
Robbie Jones: We’re both 6’3’’, both 193 pounds and African American. Nah, just kidding. My family background is similar to my character’s in the sense that my family raised me to have really strong convictions and to really stand up for what I believe in. And both myself and my character are very athletic.

Teen.com: What’s your favorite sport to play?
Robbie Jones: I played basketball. I went to school and played basketball and was trying to pursue that as a career path and kind of just fell into acting.

Teen.com: Were you playing basketball at a University?
Robbie Jones: Yeah, I played in high school and then I actually went to UC Berkeley for a while.

Teen.com: Oh, so you’re smart too?!
Robbie Jones:Yeah. Well, I’ve been known to do some equations every now and then…

Teen.com: Do you have any other fun hobbies?
Robbie Jones: I have a video game habit I’m trying to quit.

Teen.com: Really? What’s your favorite game?
Robbie Jones: NBA 2K11 for Xbox 360, I am addicted to that. Don’t ask me why. I also love the UFC fighting game they got on there. And I’m also a musician. I play the drums and I’m trying to teach myself how to play the piano.

Teen.com: So you’re a jack of all trades?!
Robbie Jones: Well, my name is Robbie, so I am Robbie of some trades.

Teen.com: Haha! Lewis sneaks around with a girl on the show. Have you ever done that in real life?
Robbie Jones: I actually have! Her name will remain anonymous. Yeah, I’ve had to lurk around when no one is around, while sneaking a young lady in. It’s an interesting situation to be in, but yeah. It has happened to me.

Teen.com: Which celebrity would you sneak around for? Who’s your celeb crush?
Robbie Jones: I am enamored by Sofia Vegara. Before she was on Modern Family and any English speaking show, I felt like we were destined to be together.

Teen.com: If you weren’t on Hellcats, would you want to be on Modern Family?
Robbie Jones: I really would have loved to be on LOST. LOST was my favorite show! I’m really sad that it’s gone.