EXCLUSIVE: New Pics from Step Up Revolution!

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Okay so, we know you’re all dying to see Step Up Revolution after we showed you these exclusive pics we published in April… and guess what?! We totally scored some MORE exclusive pics from the movie, coming to theaters on July 27!

The movie stars Ryan Guzman and Kathryn McCormick (from So You Think You Can Dance) as Sean and Emily, two dancers from very different backgrounds living in Miami. Sean is the leader of a neighborhood dance crew when he meets Emily, who has come to Miami to pursue a professional dancing career and let’s just say that sparks fly!  However, Emily’s father has plans for developing Sean’s community that could pull the two apart. We’re so gonna see it! What’s your fave dance flick?

But, for now, drumroll please….check out the pics!

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Ryan Guzman is shirtless, yet again. Next Channing Tatum anyone?

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We’re loving this one…a combination of gorgeous fashion and sick dance moves. Check out their masks! DIY costume anyone?

Summit Entertainment

This flash mob scene just keeps looking better and better! We kinda wish we were there to see this in action! Watch the official trailer here! Are you gonna see it?

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