Exclusive: Mindless Behavior Contest Winner Shares Her Experience of Meeting the Boys!

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Chris Polk

Last week, Teen exclusively revealed Diamond W. as the winner of Mindless Behavior‘s “Your Lyrics, Their Voices” contest, and as part of her prize, she got to attend a MB concert at Universal’s City Walk! We got the full recap from Diamond, so read on for her once in a lifetime experience!

Meeting Mindless Behavior this weekend was an experience that I couldn’t forget even if I wanted to! In the little time I had to actually talk to the boys and to get to know them, I could already tell that they were the type of people I would love to hang out with. They were all exceptionally welcoming, kind, and hilarious, to say the least! From the first time they spoke to me, they treated me as if we’ve all known each other since birth.

There was never a dull moment between us and they made me want to stay with them forever! Aside from getting to hang out with them though, the event as a whole was mind blowing! I got a chance to meet other celebs on the red carpet, (including Dj Big Deal, Madison Pettis, Spoken Reasons, and Skai Jackson), I gave three or four different interviews, and I got my picture taken more times than I can count! I really felt as though I was getting the star treatment!


Diamond W.

I also sat front row at an exclusive screening of MB’s new movie, All Around the World. After the movie, I even got to see the boys perform a 30 minute live set, during which they brought me onstage and sang my winning version of their single “All Around the World” from the Target and Mindless Behavior “Your Lyrics, Their Voices” contest!!! But to me, the best part of the whole day was to see all the Team Mindless fans cheering and encouraging the boys! Their energy was truly on a hundred thousand million and beyond and it made me smile to see that so many people, despite their differences, could come together to support the same cause.

I want to thank Target, the whole Mindless camp, Teen.com, my family, and most of all, God for giving me this opportunity and the best day ever! If Mindless Behavior ever reads this, I want you to know that I love you guys and that I honestly hope this isn’t the last we see of each other! As for everyone else, I hope you all get the album today at Target, download my version of All Around the World, see the movie in AMC theaters March 15th, and most of all, STAY MINDLESS!!!! #MBTakeover2013 😀


Diamond W.

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