EXCLUSIVE! Make Your Own Version of “Sweet Disposition!”

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So you know that band Temper Trap, who sing that song “Sweet Disposition” from that movie, “500 Days of Summer?” Well yeah, so do we. And we’re kind of obsessed with them/it. So, imagine our obsession with this EXCLUSIVE game that we got for Teen.com readers, where fans of Temper Trap and, well, everyone else, can put their own twist on the super popular and super addictive song, “Sweet Disposition!”

So, how does it work?

Just click at the bottom of the page to play the acoustic version of “Sweet Disposition,” click on the different lyrics from the song and play them in any order you want. Think of it as making your own music (or at least putting a twist on an already existing awesome song) but like, way cooler.

Wanna play? Click here to get started!