The Cast of Netflix’s Everything Sucks! Talks Life on the Set of the ’90s Dramedy

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Netflix knows we love nostalgia. As much as we would all hate to relive high school, there’s something irresistible about watching it on our TV screens, especially when it takes place in the past. That’s part of the appeal of Stranger Things, set in the early ’80s — and it’s the big push behind the streaming service’s newest show.

Everything Sucks!, premiering February 16th, is the new ’90s nostalgia show you didn’t know you needed. With all the trials and tribulations of life as a freshman as we know it, plus more chokers and massive desktop computers than we remember, six super-relatable teens take on high school. Jahi Winston, Rio Mangini and Quinn Liebling play the dorky trio in the AV Club who are tortured by Elijah Stevenson‘s character, while Peyton Kennedy and Sydney Sweeney make the perf pair of unexpected BFFs.

Just look at how presh they all are:

Excited for the premiere tonight #everythingsucks @netflix

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Since these young actors were barely even alive in the ’90s, they had a LOT to learn before they started filming. They were given a list of old movies and TV shows to binge watch, which they did together, of course. So cute! And after making it through Freaks and Geeks, 10 Things I Hate About You and The Breakfast Club, the stars got familiar with disposable cameras, too.

They took a bunch of cute pics of each other with them, which they posted to the official Everything Sucks! Instagram page. Quinn even developed a passion for photographing with old cameras and started developing his own stuff in the bathroom.

“[The show] helped me spark an interest that I hadn’t known about until I got there,” he said in an exclusive interview with Now look at his collection!

I'm a Nikon guy #nikon #nikonf5 #nikond7500 #nikonfg #nikond200

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But filming their Netflix series didn’t just teach this group about the photography and fashion in the ’90s — the more episodes they shot, the more they learned about themselves. That’s because not much has really changed for high schoolers then and now.

“Even though it’s in the ’90s, people are still growing up, people have crushes, people are trying to figure out who they are,” Peyton explained. “I really was able to relate to all the characters in the show.”

For Quinn, he found that he especially related to the role he was cast in. His character, Tyler, is the goofiest of all and often uses humor to deflect from other deeper issues that he’s got going on. (Think Chandler, from Friends). It wasn’t long before Quinn realized this was something he did in his own life.

“It kind of seemed like [the creators, Michael Mohan and Ben York Jones] knew things about me that I didn’t know,” he said. “He cast us in a way that we looked like our characters and acted like them in real life.”

Clearly, filming Everything Sucks! has been an enlightening experience for these guys. They probably learned more than they would have in real high school, but as much as they loved being in the ’90s, they’re so grateful to have met each other in 2018.

Why’s that, exactly? Because they can contact each other when they’re offset and do adorable things like this:

Happy birthday to my bro & best friend @riomangini ??? #everythingsucksnetflix

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“There’s a beauty to technology,” Peyton said. “We all live around America and we were able to connect […] after we were done filming. It kept our friendship alive.” Sydney even piped in and said they’ve all got a group chat and FaceTime each other 24/7.

We’d bet these talented teens would love to get together for a second season — here’s to hoping! But until Netflix makes an announcement, we’ll just be binging all ten episodes of Season 1 when they come out on the 16th. Don’t miss it!