Beauty Guru Spotted in Kissing Picture With YouTuber Who’s NOT Her Boyfriend

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Color us confused. Last time we heard, beauty guru Eva Gutowski was happily dating fellow YouTube star Alex Hayes. But even though the last time they posted a picture together was on August 4th and they just uploaded a YT vid where the surfer called her bae, the 22-year-old is getting salty over a different boy.

Yesterday, the blonde beauty went on a rant about boys playing with her emotions, which people obviously assumed was about Alex.

But hold on just a second — Eva cleared things up by confirming that she was actually talking about a different YouTuber, Brent Rivera.

And she wasn’t done there! To really put the nail in the coffin, the makeup lover then posted a picture of the 18-year-old KISSING HER ON THE CHEEK at Disneyland that day and called him out for putting her in the “friend zone.”

Basically, no one knows what the eff is going on. If Alex and Eva are in a relationship (which it seems they still are based on her Instagram), why is she spilling so much tea about another boy? TBH, the entire world is just as confused as we are…

The beauty guru took a bit of a break from talking about her relationship drama, but came back with another bombshell just a couple hours ago.



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