Eva Gutowski Hints That Meredith Foster’s to Blame for End of Friendship

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If you were hoping that YouTube KWEENS Eva Gutowski, Teala Dunn & Sierra Furtado would join forces with former best friend Meredith Foster again, we hate to break it to you — it doesn’t seem like that’s happening.

On Sunday, September 24, Sierra rang in her 24th birthday, alongside her two besties, 20-year-old Teala and 23-year-old Eva:

Noticeably absent: 21-year-old Meredith.

Upon realizing that MF wasn’t depicted, the Internet went after the trio — and Eva was NOT having any of THAT:

Clearly, she’s hinting that Mer’s to blame for the demise of their longtime friendship, not the other way around, so back the eff off:

She continued:

Teala echoed Eva’s sentiments:

Back in August, Eva explained, “Long story short, one of our best friends has been having a really tough time the past few months with some personal things. Teala and I especially have been scared/confused/left alone on how to handle someone dealing with these things. I’ve invested many nights calling, offering to just bring over a coffee and talk, offered all my love, read books on how to help, looked up YouTube videos and more. After coming together to finally say something after things got too bad and offer help, our best friend was defensive and stopped talking to us. It’s only a normal part of what’s going on, but it breaks our hearts because someone who needs love and support is pulling away from us, simply because we know what’s happening, and they don’t like that we addressed things and offered help.”

“We now have lost our best friend to something much bigger, and we don’t know what to do because she refuses to get together to talk in person on what’s going on and how we can all be there for each other,” she added. “All we’re trying to do is be together all at once so in person (which is so important) we can maybe help for good.”

People have been concerned that Meredith is losing too much weight and might be suffering from an eating disorder for quite some time now, so that’s what many assume the EG is referring to when she says “personal things.”
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