Say it Ain’t So! Another Adorable YouTube Couple Has Called it Quits

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After Savannah Montano deleted all traces of Jessey Stevens from her Instagram page and he wrote some dramatic tweets, fans were pretty sure the adorable online couple had broken up. Now, just days after their split, another YouTube couple has almost positively called it quits.

Eva Gutowski and Alex Hayes started dating a few months ago, and despite having some bumps along the way, seemed pretty happy together. But while the pair was #goals on the outside, the beauty guru says it was all show and the 18-year-old was just using her “for followers.” The 22-year-old more confirmed that she and the Aussie had split in a series of cryptic tweets sent a few hours ago:

While Alex couldn’t match the number of accusations Eva sent his way, he also used social media to (briefly) share his side of the story.

“I have no words,” he wrote. “How can someone possibly make up such a f*cking false statement?”

We’re not sure what led to this sudden public announcement, but whatever the case, we wish both YouTubers all the best and hope they are doing okay during the split.


Although they’re not there right now, maybe one day Alex and Eva can get to a place where they can one day film together again, just like these former YT couples did: