Here’s Why Basically Everyone Thinks This YouTube Couple is Back Together

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Although Eva Gutowski and Alex Hayes only dated for a couple months, their breakup was one of the messiest we’ve seen.

“Done dating someone who only wanted me for followers,” the YouTube star wrote on Twitter just under a month ago. “Life is too short to be in a messy relationship. Don’t trust everyone you meet… Just because a relationship looks perfect in photos, doesn’t mean it’s perfect. So don’t ship everything you see in a photo.”

Yikes. Following the initial tweets that alerted everyone of the pair’s split, the 22-year-old continued posting some nasty notes on social media, even comparing her ex to a snake and crying over the failed relationship on Snapchat. Basically, we thought the chances of Alex and Eva ever getting back together were slim to none. Until now, that is.

Sure, the two spent weeks firing shots out at each other for weeks, but apparently they are big believers of forgiving and forgetting. The 18-year-old tweeted:

To which the beauty guru replied:

But even though Eva very clearly addressed Alex as her “friend,” many people think this is the start of them rekindling their romance.

Hmmmmm… only time will tell, we guess!

It’s not totally uncommon for exes to be friends after breaking up — these YouTube stars did it: