The Best Etsy Merch To Stay Cool In The Summer Sun!

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Ready or not, summer is here! Well, technically we still have a few weeks of spring left, but we’re totally ready and we wanna share a few of our Etsy faves with you. We’ve searched high and low and we’re thinking you guys are going to love this sun merch! So before you head out in the blazing summer heat, check out what we’ve got to keep you looking healthy and trendy this summer:

1. Lacey Sundress – This dress is a staple to every girl’s summer wardrobe. And would you look at how darn cute this one is? We’re thinking its 100% Taylor Swift approved.  BUY HERE!

2. Tribal Beaded Sunglasses – Tribal prints are totally in this season – just ask Chloe Moretz! These sleek black shades will block your eyes from the rays and keep you fashion forward.  BUY HERE!

3. Organic Sunscreen – Sunscreen for the face can get icky sometimes. You’re in luck, though, because this sunscreen for the face is totally organic. It’s perf for under makeup too – SCORE! BUY HERE!

4. Floppy Sun Hat – Another must-have this season! You could rock this head-wear with just about any outfit. Day or night, beach or streets, you’ll be safe from the sun and looking totally chic.   BUY HERE!

5. Hair Therapy For Sun Damaged Hair – So your hair got a little bit, er, yuck in the sun. No worries, this dead sea salt spray will have your tresses back to normal in no time!  BUY HERE!

6. Mineral Concealer With SPF – Zit, schmit – who needs ’em? Now, you can cover your blemish and keep your skin protected from the sun with this SPF-filled concealer!  BUY HERE!

7. Chubby Chap Lip Balm With SPF  – The name is Chubby Chap – need we say more? Probs not, but it gets better. This guy is even bigger than the standard size chapstick, filled with SPF and comes in tons of sweet flavors. We <3.  BUY HERE!

8. After Sun Parfait– Looks delish, huh? We promise your skin is going to eat this stuff right up after a long day in the hot sun!  BUY HERE!

9. Mineral Contour Bronzer – Liquid makeup can feel heavy and sticky in the summer, hence why we <3 this mineral bronzing powder. No sun + this stuff = perfect tan.  BUY HERE!

10. Personalized Stainless Steel Water Bottle – We know how much you like to soak up the sun, but you’ve gotta stay hydrated in that intense heat! You can custom order these stainless steel water bottles with whatever you’d like on them!  BUY HERE!

What do you guys think of our summer sunshine finds? Do you have any summer plans yet?!

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