Viners’ Live Show Comes to a Stop as Tons of Fans Are Injured in Chaotic Crowd

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It’s not that uncommon for a fan to get a little crazy during a live show and accidentally trip, be in the wrong place at the wrong time, etc., and get injured, but to have almost 30 people require medical attention after watching a performance is on another level of insanity.

Internet sensations Ethan and Grayson Dolan, better known as The Dolan Twins, kicked off their 4OU tour in their home state of New Jersey, and despite how excited they were to see their fans, no one could prepare them for what was about to go down. According to police officer Daniel Rehberg, seven fans were hospitalized for “panic attacks, anxiety and shortness of breath” and 21 others had to seek on-site medical attention after the 16-year-old boys took their shirts off on stage, causing mass chaos among an already rowdy crowd.

“When a video of them started, that’s when it started,” concert-goer Amanda Brown told The Asbury Park Press.

Once security started to realized that people were actually “trampling each other” and some people were “passing out” due to being crushed among bodies, they got the twins off the stage, told everyone to take a few steps back and sit down. Both Ethan and Grayson also urged their fans to comply with the safety protocol from backstage during the hour-long break.

Luckily, the NJ venue confirmed that “there were no serious injuries,” and the show was eventually able to continue as planned.


Scarily enough, this isn’t the first time fans have gotten injured at their idol’s live show: