Fans Think Ethan Dolan & Emma Chamberlain are Secretly Dating

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YouTube stars Ethan Dolan and Emma Chamberlain have gotten super close over the past several months, hanging out basically all the time and appearing in each other’s videos frequently. But while the teenagers don’t call their relationship anything other than a friendship, fans are pretty convinced that they’re actually dating…and they might even have proof!

A fan recently met the YouTubers and, when asked, revealed that they were allegedly holding hands at the time.

The fan wrote via Instagram direct message, “Hii! I saw that you met Emma and I was wondering if you saw anything suspicious with Ethan and Emma? Like were they close? Did you see anything?,” to which the person replied, “They were holding hands.”

Ethma supporters also noticed a Polaroid picture of what appears to be the 18-year-old hugging the 17-year-old from behind hanging on the wall of Emma’s house.

The image appeared in an interview done by Forbes‘ Tom Ward, but he has since deleted the original video and re-uploaded it with the background photos blurred, because people were freaking out so much.

At this point, fans of the YouTubers are SO sure that they’re dating that they’re taking almost every interaction and making it ~proof~ of the romance.

Ethan wearing Emma’s sunglasses? Definitely dating.

Ethan looking at Emma in a ~special~ way? Definitely dating.

Ethan pulling Emma into the ocean? Definitely dating.

It’s important to note that Emma is not yet 18, which means a hypothetical relationship with Ethan is currently illegal. That said, perhaps the internet stars are waiting until Em turns 18 in May 2019 (Ethan will be 19 by then) until they confirm their alleged romance. Or, ya know, perhaps they’re just best friends who sometimes look at each other, hang out and take pictures together.