10 Estranged Parents Who Talked About Their Famous Kid in the Media

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There are several famous families that seem to have nothing but love for each other, like the Jonas Brothers clan. There are also families like the Kardashian-Jenner members, who definitely have their typical arguments and drama, but ultimately have nothing but love for one another. Unfortunately, there are also some stars who don’t have the greatest relationships with their parents.

Some might have lost their mother or father to cancer, while others are simply not in contact with a parent, for reasons that might be unclear. There are actually several female singers who have spoken honestly about their rocky relationships with their estranged parents. In many cases, stars will become estranged from their parents pre-fame, at a young age. However, once a person skyrockets to fame, their estranged parents will act more vocal about their celebrity child — whether it’s to publicly diss them or reach out in hopes of a reconciliation.