15 Essential Clothing Items You Need in Your Closet if You Love Athleisure Style

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Athleisure style, it seems, is here to stay (for as long as the fashion world deems necessary, of course). You’re probably more familiar with it than you think: it’s a look made popular by off-duty models (think Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid), rappers (think Kanye West‘s entire Yeezy line), and fashion editors and bloggers alike. Athleisure stemmed from the look of chic workout clothes that can double as a stylish outfit, and has become such a *thing* that a lot of brands are cashing in and making actual athleisure clothing items. Like, things you probably wouldn’t wear to the gym, but that might make it look like you just came from the gym or that you’re just a sporty, healthy person in general.

Whether you think the concept of the trend is silly or not, one thing is for sure: it’s a damn comfortable one. Why not embrace a style that fully encourages you to wear leggings and sweatshirts in a setting outside of something super casual? If you want to build up your closet to really get into this trend, there are some athleisure basics you need to stock up on. And honestly, these things are good to have even if you aren’t trying to copy Kendall’s style. They’re all really versatile pieces that feel good, look good and are actually practical. Check out these athleisure clothing items to stock up your closet this summer. You’ll look chic and feel awesome, and what could be better than that?

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