From Our BFFs: Wanna See An Epic Bowling Fail?

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Ouch! It looks like this guy’s arm practically comes out of its socket during this bowling fail tourney… Is it wrong that we kinda wanna laugh?

Among the three former Disney Channel queens (yes, they’re all ‘former’ now. Wah!), who’s the most successful — Miley CyrusDemi Lovato or Selena Gomez? [Hollywire]

Miranda Cosgrove is all about song covers. And we think this one might be our favorite! [M]

If you asked us what’s new with Ke$ha, we definitely wouldn’t have said this… [Cambio]

As you could probs tell, Damian McGinty‘s time on Glee‘s been extended. For how long, though, is the question…  [HuffPost High]

The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars and The Secret Life are all, like, the best shows on TV today. But we can’t help but be remind of these ’90s shows when we watch them… [gURL]

You will never, ever, EVER guess which Modern Family cast member has a 150 IQ. For real, if you can guess it on the first try, we’ll pay you. (OK, not really.) [Wetpaint]

Lucy Hale‘s A Cinderella Story is finally hitting movie ABC Family screens at the end of the month, but here’s a couple more pics to whet your appetite. [Just Jared Jr.]

Stars like Lauren Conrad and Ashley Tisdale have been spotted with this trendy accessory. We just wish we could, ya know, afford it. [Posh24]

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