Undiagnosed Medical Condition Caused YouTube Star Insane Amounts of Pain

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You may already know Erin Robinson as one of the amazing ladies who bring Clevver to life, or as a contestant on season 28 of The Amazing Race, but you’re about to get acquainted with her in ways you never thought possible. The 32-year-old recently premiered a new docuseries called It Got Real, which follows her as she deals with an extremely painful medical condition — uterine fibroids, or abnormal tumors that grown within the uterus. Thankfully, the growths are benign, but they’re still extremely painful and require intense treatment. We got the chance to speak with Erin about what it’s like living with fibroids, dealing with the pain, going through with surgery, and so much more.

“I was experiencing symptoms before [The Amazing Race], but they weren’t all happening at once,” she explained. “I would go through stages where I had extreme cramping then that would go away and then I’d get back pain. It wasn’t until the last six months or so when I started to experience all of the pretty consistently. I’ve come to find out that it wasn’t that but it was actually that the fibroids had started growing and pressing against my lower back.”

While Erin could push her discomfort to the back to the back of her minf and try to ignore what was happening for a long time, things eventually got unbearable and she went to the emergency room to figure out what was happening to her body.

“I was in so much pain and I had actually thought that my appendix was going to burst. It was there in the ER that the doctor diagnosed me. It was really scary. the doctor looked at me and was like, ‘You have a lot of these things and you had no idea that you had these?’ And that was when it clicked that I hadn’t been to the OB/GYN in four years and that was something my OB/GYN would have found out if I had gone. […] Then I found out they’re tumors and I had a lot of them that are really big. That was when I started thinking of the worst case scenario. There were a few weeks after finding out where I was pretty depressed and in a lot of pain. They had all grown and I was really uncomfortable pretty consistently for a few weeks.”

The YouTube star was eventually told she had to get a Myomectomy, which most doctors call “the gold standard for treating these things.” Unfortunately, the procedure was very high risk and “would have taken [her] out of work for several weeks or months” while she recovered. That is when she reached out to Dr. Scott Fowler, a fellow Amazing Race contestant and an OB/GYN, who connected her to Dr. Bruce Lee.

The redhead explained, “[Scott] did the research and he found the procedure that I ended up going with called the Acessa procedure. I went to [Dr. Lee], who designed it, and met with him during a 3-hour consultation and there was this life-changing moment where he said, ‘You can have this surgery and get back to work within a few days and you can still have kids.’ He was like, ‘I have patients who have kids all the time.'”

Thankfully, Erin’s Acessa procedure was a success and she was able to get back to work quickly and was running around Coachella just three weeks later! The YouTuber’s ultimate goal is to educate viewers and encourage them to go to the doctor regularly, because you never know what’s really going on.

“Don’t put off going to the doctors. And also don’t convince yourself that something is not wrong with you. If you are dealing with symptoms and you don’t know what they’re from, I think it’s important that you go and figure that out and not just chalk it up to being tired or everyone deals with this. Make your health a priority!”

We completely agree, Erin! You can check out all of the episodes of It Got Real on Clevver Style’s YouTube page.

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