How YouTube Caused One of These Gorgeous Couples to Break Up

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While one pair of YouTubers just announced some incredibly exciting news, another has an update that’s way more upsetting. In a shocking turn of events, longtime YouTube couple Erik Conover and Jessica Clements have broken up.

The travel vlogger made the announcement about a week ago on the 4-year anniversary of his first date with the model.

“Four years ago exactly on this day a 22-year-old guy and an 18-year-old girl met and they went on a date and they became best friends,” he said. “They went through the hardest years of their lives together…and all we had was each other. Four years later, we pretty much achieved our dreams, but we lost something really important in the process — Jessica and I have mutually decided to break up and end our relationship.”

The 27-year-old went on to say that he and the brunette beauty have “been broken up for a good amount of time now,” but they still remain very close.

“Jess is my best friend. I wish nothing but the best for you, Jess, if you’re watching this… I know that you’re gonna keep killing it. I’m so excited for your life right now. It’s amazing.”

Erik originally “didn’t think [he] was gonna announce” their breakup, but felt compelled to do so as a type of therapy for himself. He explained:

“I would by lying if I didn’t say that YouTube and daily vlogging was a big reason why we grew apart. I am warning any couple who has ever thought about picking up a camera and filming your days every single day — do not do it.”

We’ve heard this warning before — when YouTube stars Jeana Smith and Jesse Wellens announced their breakup, they told the world how the strain of making daily videos together ultimately caused their demise.

So sad!

While Erik and Jessica haven’t filmed a video together yet, we don’t think it’s out of the question. Here are other YouTubers who filmed together following a split: