10 of the Best Life Lessons Eric Matthews Taught Us All

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Boy Meets World was one of those shows that taught important life lessons after every episode. While Cory, Topanga, Shawn and Mr. Feeney all gave their fair share of good morals, Will Friedle aka Eric Matthews is arguably the one who was the greatest at giving life advice. Think about it — he could always laugh at himself but knew how to be serious when it was appropriate! This is like, the way to survive! So, in honor of the Girl Meets World premiere this Friday (!!!), here are the best life lessons learned from EM:

1. Be honest. It’s the best policy, people!

2. Women are smarter than men. It’s the way of the world.

3. Sex can be complicated. You may not be ready even if you think you are.

4. You should embrace your body.. Everyone needs a cheat day!

5. Embrace your inner self. Even if your inner self is…um…weird…

6. Life isn’t easy. You just need to push through.

7. Respect is key. Even when it’s tough.

8. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Life’s too short to always be serious.

9. Give the people you love nicknames. Catchy ones work even better!

10. Changes are a part of life. Accept them!

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