19 Epic Moments from Disney Parks Characters You Need to See

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Disney Parks may the Happiest Places On Earth, but it’s really the live Disney characters (also known as Face Characters) that make them such a magical experience. These actors’ dedication to their roles goes above and beyond — the way they’re able to respond in character to anything going on around them is nothing short of amazing! I don’t know how much they’re getting paid to be Face Characters, BUT IT SHOULD BE MORE.

Not surprisingly, it’s the villains and the mischievous characters that truly shine at Disney Parks. (They seem to have the most fun at least.) And who can blame them? They have permission to act like terrible people in public! They get to be super mean to children and everyone laughs or takes pictures instead of yelling at them! BRILLIANT. Some of the Face Characters are becoming famous in their own right. Peter Pan, for example, has gained a sort of fandom, with young girls scouting him out at the park. He’s pretty much the Justin Bieber of Disneyland. Not only is he hilarious, he’s cute, too.

If you’re not able to get there yourself, here are the most epic moments caught with Face Characters at Disney Parks that every Disney fan needs to see right now:

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