Enter Our Halloween Costume Contest!

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This guy didn't stand a chance. Clearly.

Today’s the big day. It’s Halloween, which means all your hard work on a costume (or lack-there-of, running into Party City last minute and grabbing the first thing you saw…) is about to pay off! Maybe. But because we know lots of our readers are super amazing, creative, and love to show off, we figured we’d start up a little Halloween Costume Contest.

It’s easy; all you gotta do is upload a pic you snapped of yourself this weekend or today in your costume. Click that little “Submit” button, and we’ll judge ’em, then make our winners just as famous as the celebs you see all over this site by posting them early next week.

Here’s what your Teen.com eds were wearing this weekend:

There’s me, Dan (Deputy Editor, right) with a friend as a hippie. Except, uh, hippies don’t have iPhones.

Kaitlin (Editorial Coordinator) as Violet from The Incredibles. She’s got that super hero pose down.

Jessica (Production Assistant) as a school girl zombie! If Britney was smart, she’d come out with a Halloween-themed song and wear this costume!

Haley (Associate Editor) as Emma Stone in Easy A; clearly an A+ outfit.

Which of us had the best costume? What was your costume? Did you upload it to the contest? Tell us all about your Halloween in the comments!

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