10 Engaged Celebrities Who’ve Gotten Married (& Divorced) Before

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Tumblr (onedirectioncro)

Tumblr (onedirectioncro)

Have you heard the news? Alexa Vega‘s about to make Carlos Pena an honest man! The young couple, who announced their engagement in September of last year after a month of keeping it on the DL, are currently in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with their family and closest friends, for their — dun duh-duh dun — wedding day!

BUT, this won’t be the first time the Spy Kids star has walked down the aisle and exchanged vows. Yup, she’s been married once before. To get the details on the first guy who put a ring on it, as well as more currently-engaged stars who’ve tied the knot (and divorced) before, click through the gallery below. Here’s hoping second (or third) time’s a charm!