The 7 Most Romantic Moments From Endless Love

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Searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day movie? Well, look no further because Endless Love is the ultimate V-Day film for you!

For those of you who don’t know, Endless Love is based on the book by Scott Spencer, with a screenplay by Shana Feste and Joshua Safran of Gossip Girl fame. This film begins on the day of high-school graduation for Jade Butterfield, a sheltered young woman with a limitless future, played by Gabriella Wilde, and David Axelrod, a working-class boy with a troubled past who in turn falls head over heels for her, played by Alex Pettyfer. The two are on completely different paths, she’s headed off to Brown and he’s staying in town to work in his dad’s shop. Yet, when they bump into each other after graduation, sparks fly and they begin a very intense romance.

Want to know some of the most romantic moments from the movie? Well, check out the gallery below because we’ve picked out seven just for you! Take a look at the gallery, then tell us, will you be going to see this movie on Valentine’s Day?