Your First Look at Mazer Rackham (Ben Kingsley) in ‘Ender’s Game’ (PHOTO)

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You’ve seen what heroes Ender (Asa Butterfield) and Petra (Hailee Steinfeld) will look like in the big-screen adaptation of Ender’s Game. You’ve even got a taste of the Battle Room. But now, here’s your first chance to see Ender’s trainer, Mazer Rackham, come to life.

In an Entertainment Weekly exclusive, Ben Kingsley, the actor portraying the General, speaks of his character’s history and make-up, “Every gesture in the tattoo carries family history, family struggles — it’s your past. I was so enthralled. He’s in quite a contained, stylized uniform, but then this wonderful face tells his warrior history.”

For those not aware, in the novel penned by Orson Scott Card, Mazer Rackham saved Earth in the Second Invasion. Years later, he’s sent back into space once again to train prodigy Ender for the Third Invasion, for he may be the new key to Earth’s survival.

Ender’s Game is scheduled to hit theaters on November 1, 2013, but be on the lookout for the teaser trailer on Tuesday, May 7. Are you pumped? Talk about it in the comments!

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