9 Teen TV Shows That are Guaranteed to Make You Cry Like a Baby

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There are some people who can safely say that they haven’t cried for months. In fact, some say it with a sense of pride. I… am not one of those people. I’m already a moody piece of work, so I’m often at the brink of tears over any little inconvenience or perceived slight, but crying over songs, movies and TV shows is where I truly make my crybaby side known. I mean, I cried during The Rugrats Movie as a kid, so there was never any hope for me.

When I’m not getting swept up in the emotion of an intense movie scene or a particularly dark line in a song, I’m busy tearing up over TV shows. And no, it’s not just shows like This Is Us or Grey’s Anatomy that’s bringing on the tears. As much as teen TV shows are negated as being shallow (and, true, a lot of them are), there are plenty that actually have emotional depth deeper than a teaspoon. Whether you consider crying a past time or just want to get into a TV show that punches you in the gut, check out these nine teen television series guaranteed to make you cry. Yes, even those of you who have the emotional resolve of a rock might just be moved.

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