Was Emma Watson Stalked While Filming Her Latest Movie?

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Did Emma Watson recently encounter a stalker? It’s definitely a possibility, as there is a new report that has surfaced saying that a man sneaked on the set of her latest movie, Noah, in New York.

Reportedly, the Harry Potter star was filming some scenes in the woods, when a man she recognized approached her, which sent her off screaming. The only way she knew who the man was, was from seeing him linger outside her home on occasion. So scary! The crew gave her some time to regroup, then she returned to shooting the film, which is based on the biblical Noah’s Ark tale.

This isn’t the first time Emma has had trouble with stalkers. When she was 16, a man crashed some of her classes, and when she was studying at Brown, she had full time security because of some threatening letters that were sent to her.

Though it’s pretty scary, Emma is tough and we’re sure she can handle any situation.

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