Emma Watson Named Sexiest Movie Star

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GettyChock one up to the nerdy fandoms of the world — the latest poll on sexy celebrities is full of geeky favorites! From two Twilight stars to three X-Men to FOUR members of the cast of The Avengers all gracing the top 10 of their respective gender lists, this a big deal. And who snagged the #1 spot for the females? Why, Hermione Granger herself, Miss Emma Watson.

That's right, the Harry Potter star, who was recently crowned Woman of the Year by British GQ earned the highest ranking in the search for 2013's Sexiest Movie Star on Empire Online, despite only claiming #72 on FHM's similar poll earlier this year.

But the one who claimed the winning spot in FHM, Mila Kunis, isn't far behind this time around. She took seventh place out of 50! See the top 10 females here:

1. Emma Watson
2. Scarlett Johansson
3. Jennifer Lawrence
4. Kristen Stewart
5. Anne Hathaway
6. Emma Stone
7. Mila Kunis
8. Natalie Portman
9. Angelina Jolie
10. Zoe Saldana

As for the men, 37-year-old Star Trek Into the Darkness actor Benedict Cumberbatch claimed the first spot for himself, edging out the likes of Ryan Gosling, Chris Hemsworth and Robert Pattinson Here's the full top 10:

1. Benedict Cumberbatch
2. Tom Hiddleston
3. Henry Cavill
4. Ryan Gosling
5. Robert Downey, Jr.
6. Chris Hemsworth
7. Robert Pattinson
8. Michael Fassbender
9. Hugh Jackman
10. Bradley Cooper

Do you agree with the standings? If not, who deserves #1 (male or female)? Spill in the comments!

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