Emma Stone in Talks for Woody Allen Film and Broadway Debut

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If all things go according to plan, Emma Stone will be making her Broadway debut come 2014. Following in boyfriend Andrew Garfield‘s footsteps, the Amazing Spider-Man star is in talks for a Great White Way revival. The difference is that Andrew took the stage in Death of a Salesman, while Emma is reportedly up for a role in Cabaret.

According to the The Wrap, the 24-year-old actress “would play Sally Bowles, the American underground club singer whose life and checkered love affairs form the spine of the Weimer Republic-set musical. The character has previously been portrayed — to awards and acclaim — by actresses including Judi Dench, Natasha Richardson and Liza Minnelli.”

So far, the details have yet to be finalized, but the revival is currently tapped for sometime in 2014.

As for other Emma Stone-related goodness, the legendary Woody Allen is said to be casting his next film, and Emma’s a front-runner to play the lead. Deadline reports “Stone is in talks on the film… I expect Stone to close a deal soon.”

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