Emma Stone Is Super Cool Now And Guess What? As a Kid, She Felt “Cool As Hell” Too (Exclusive Video)

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You guys, Emma Stone just got a million times cooler. Not just because she plays the ultimate go-against-the-grain girl, Skeeter, in her new movie The Help, but also because she doesn’t believe in being “cool” or “geeky” or an “outsider.” Emma told us that she has a “hard time” classifying people into those different groups, and that she was “cool” for a very unique reason when she was younger. But let’s be honest here. Emma could wear a bag on her head and do a little dance and we’d think it’s the coolest thing ever.

Plus, her co-star (and Twilight star!) Bryce Dallas Howard spills on the 3 high school rules she lived by and um, one of them involves not eating in the cafeteria…

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