According to Teen Vogue, Emma Stone Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead in a “Sparkly, Princess Gown” (Video)

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Teen Vogue

Emma Stone has got to be one of the prettiest funny girls in the biz. And although we’d normally be really jeal of someone like Emma (Uh, hello! She got to kiss Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid, Love!), we can’t cause she’s just way too cool. And this month Emma just got a whole lot cooler as Teen Vogue‘s September cover girl! She’s dishing on her Spider-Man co-star Andrew Garfield who we think she’s so dating, her RC style and tons more.

Click on for deets plus a behind-the-scenes vid!

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On her future career goals: “I have dreams of being a producer, being behind a camera, eating seven tacos for every meal, and making movies that affect people the way they affect me. I don’t even need to be in them.”

On her Amazing Spider-Man Andrew Garfield: “Andrew is one of the most giving actors I’ve ever worked with. If I needed to get to a place of love or sadness in a scene, he’d leave messages on my phone to replay, or slip in lines off camera for a different reaction than what was scripted. He gave me so much to react to.”

On her incredible RC style: “At first I didn’t think I was allowed to have opinions without being a crazy person or completely irrational — it’s like in life, you learn where you can have them. But my stylist understands me completely. She’s not like, ‘You’re going to wear this sparkly princess gown.”

On constantly changing up her hair: “I mean, it’s just hair.”

Check out tons more pics of Emma’s cover shoot at TeenVogue.com, and be sure to pick up a copy of the mag on August 9! Do you think Emma could be dating Andrew IRL? Do you think Emma’s the new “It” girl? Sound off in the comments