Emma Stone Kisses Nerds and Dances On SNL!

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As if we didn’t already know that Emma Stone is hysterical, last Saturday night’s ep of SNL totally proved it! We’ve seen her kill zombies, fake losing her V-card, and party with Jonah Hill and Michael Cera, but nothing quite compared to seeing her on SNL as Lindsay Lohan and a French madoimoiselle! We’ll admit that her ep wasn’t quite as funny as Jane Lynch’s, but the girl totally rocked it nonetheless.

Didn’t catch Emma’s SNL debut? No worries! We’ll catch you up right here with our 3 favorite moments…

1. The Opening Monologue: Actually, Emma’s monologue was more like a dialogue between her and cast members Andy Samberg, Kenan Thompson and Bill Hader, who dressed up as nerds hoping for a chance to make out with Emma since, as they pointed out, she makes out with nerds in pretty much all her flicks. And, Bobby Moynihan and Taran Killam‘s impressions of Jonah Hill and Michael Cera was hi.lar.ious. See for yourself!


2. My Brother Knows Everything: She may be 21, but Emma totally has the whole 13-year-old girl thing down pat in this skit where she plays a friend to a girl who’s stalking her big bro. Because, obviously, her brother knows everything…

3. Les Jeunes de Paris: This entire skit was in French, but that didn’t matter because our favorite part about it was the ah-mazing dance-off. Who knew Emma could bust a move?

Which of Emma’s SNL skits was your fave?