Paparazzi Follow Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Leaving Church: Have Paps Officially Gone Too Far?

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Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are certainly one of Hollywood’s favorite couples, so it’s easy to see why they’re a paparazzi target. However, this video is taking things just a little too far in our opinion.

While walking the blistering cold streets of NYC this week, the two were hounded by a number of paparazzi as they left church. Yes, you read that correctly — church. Some photogs, who apparently had nothing better to do with their day, were waiting outside of a church in the big apple just so they could get some photos of the Amazing Spider-Man co-stars.

All these two are doing are walking the street. That’s it. Nothing else. We can understand when paparazzi take photos of certain celebs when they are trying to get attention (not that Emma and Andrew have ever done that) but they clearly have no interest in being photographed. It’s one thing if they’re at some kind of event and photographers are anticipated to be there, but this is just them trying to live their lives. In fact, towards the end of the vid, Andrew even goes as far to put Emma in a cab so the paparazzi will leave them alone. (Side note: that’s a true gentlemanly move. Props to Andrew for that one).

There’s just something really sad about this video to us. Maybe it’s the quietness, or maybe it’s the way they’re hiding their faces. We can’t quite put our finger on it, but it just makes us sad. If you want, you can watch it below.

They’re not the only stars who are fed up. Miley Cyrus recently posted an eery video of a paparazzo following her while she walked her dog. Again, it’s pretty creepy how these people intrude on celebs when they’re just trying to go about their day.

Which leads us to ask our readers — what are your thoughts on the paparazzi? Are they just doing their job? Or do they need to leave celebs alone? Cast your vote in the poll, and start the debate in the comments!

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