You’ll Never Guess How Emma Roberts Stays Fit!

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Um, where has Emma Roberts been hiding those incredible abs? She shows off her seriously hot bod (and a six pack that would impress The Situation) on the cover of next month’s Women’s Health and talks imperfections, idols, and unexpected workouts.

Forget running or yoga. After hearing how Emma stays fit, you’ll never set foot in a gym again…

On her body imperfections: “I have really crooked teeth — they give me character! We Robertses have too many teeth for our mouths.”

On pole dancing: “I started taking classes with friends as a way to both work out and hang out. You don’t realize how much upper-body strength you need….It’s also a good way to build confidence.”

On role models: “I’d love to work with Gwyneth Paltrow. I love her. She’s like my idol.”