Emma Roberts & Evan Peters’ Romance Keeps Getting More and More Effed Up

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Whether you think Emma Roberts and Evan Peters are the world’s cutest couple, or you simply can’t get past that domestic abuse incident, everyone can agree on one thing — Emvan is really effed up.

After ending their engagement at the beginning of June and remaining separated for about three months, Emma and Evan were seen holding hands and decided to give their relationship another shot. Now, a few months after their initial reunion, the 28-year-old actor is acting like nothing was ever wrong between the two.

“She is really great,” Evan told People at the LA premiere of American Horror Story: Hotel. “I just love her.”

Additionally, Evan showed his former fiance’s new show Scream Queens major support and said, “I have been watching. I love it! She’s so funny in it. She’s spot-on with the character.”

If we’re being honest, it seems like the never-ending saga that is Emma and Evan’s relationship will continue going on for many years to come. Besides, the pair has to work together on American Horror Story season 5, so it’s probably for the best that they worked out their differences and are on good terms again. Even though, ya know, friendship would always be an option, too.

WDYT about Evan’s confession about Emma? Will this good patch last forever or is Emvan destined for a demise? Tell us in the comments below!

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