Emma Roberts Lands Lead in ‘Delirium’ Television Pilot

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Instagram (@emmaroberts6)

Instagram (@emmaroberts6)

Call us psychic if you want, Emma Roberts is tapped to make her return to television with Delirium. This past week, Emma was spotted carrying the first book in the series, leading some (including us) to believe that she could be lining up her next acting gig.

TVLine now confirms that the speculation was true, saying she’s “plotting a major TV comeback, signing on to play the lead role in FOX’s drama pilot.”

In case you’re unfamiliar, the Delirium trilogy focuses on the life of Lena Holoway (Emma), who lives in a world where love is considered a disease. When one turns 18, he/she must undergo a special treatment to be cured of the “deliria.” However, with just three months until her scheduled operation, Lena does the unthinkable and falls in love.

Like Tris in Divergent, Lena’s described as fairly ordinary in physical appearance, not too confident, but demonstrates how strong she is throughout the series. As avid readers of the franchise ourselves, Emma does have the right look and could potentially have what it takes considering her well-rounded acting background.

Another likely contender for the role, Zoey Deutch, was just signed up for another teen favorite, Vampire Academy. She told us during our Beautiful Creatures interview, “I am very excited and just processing it just like everybody else. I’m really, really thrilled to work with such iconic artists… I know that everybody’s totally on board to keep very true to the original story. Rose is kind of the most bad-ass, amazing character and I’m totally ready to go all in.”

At this moment, Teen.com’s teaming up with the trilogy’s author Lauren Oliver, HarperTeen and Figment.com to give readers a chance to write a dangerous love story similar to Delirium. For more details, click on the link below! What do you think of Emma’s casting? Who did you picture? And who would you want to see play her love interest, Alex? Tell us all your thoughts in the comments!

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