Emma Roberts and Chord Overstreet (Reportedly) Split Again

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And they seemed so happy, too… After rekindling their relationship this past April (and packing on the PDA at Coachella), Emma Roberts and Chord Overstreet have reportedly broken up for the second time this year.

Just a couple weeks ago, E! Online mentioned that the couple referred to as Chemma ultimately “enjoy spending time together and they wanted to give it another shot. They make each other laugh and they are both very supportive of one another’s successes.”

But that time in paradise was short-lived. Apparently, there were signs that Emma and Chord were on the outs — again — since NYLON‘s Young Hollywood Party earlier this month, where they spent the night on opposite ends of the room. Sources say, “They’re done. The last few weeks have been really rough.”

Another insider suggests, “They’re just on two different paths in life. They just grew apart and decided to part ways.”

Last time the two split, rumors circulated that Chord had a ‘wandering eye’ that was getting the best of him. So not like his Glee character, Sam Evans, who’s always the one getting jilted.

The one sketchy part that no one’s acknowledging is that a majority of this information comes from Star magazine, which also most recently fueled gossip about Justin Timberlake’s love letters to his first girlfriend, and Blake Lively hating on Ryan Reynolds’ mom. So we won’t go claiming that every piece is 100 percent factual just yet.

What do you think of the news? Do you think they’ll get together, again? Or is their time up?

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