WTFashion? The Way Lows of Emma Roberts’ Style

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We let Emma Roberts slide during weekend 1 of Coachella (mainly because her and Chord Overstreet were too cute for words), but after looking at her at Coachella, weekend 2, we just couldn’t hold back. She’s just had too many WTFashion? moments to keep our mouths shut — or our fingers from typing, anyway — about her poor fashion judgment any longer.

So here are Emma’s worst of the worst looks from the last year. Half of them are from this weekend alone!

A touch of color on her cheeks, or at least a little product in her hair, could’ve saved this ensemb from looking completely drab. She just looks too pale in this all-over white get-up.


This would be totally cute… if it was a one-piece bathing suit.


Nicki Minaj wore the same outfit to the same event. Isn’t that saying enough?

Even if you disregard the fringe bandeau that’s meant to cover her entire chest,
there’s still the unbuttoned denim cut-offs to worry about…


Reminiscent of her aunt in Pretty Woman — before the makeover — no?

As Jonah Hill put it, “Do they require you to dress like a moron to enter Coachella?”
Sorry, Ems. This isn’t the beach.


Which of Emma’s outfits was the absolute worst? Would you be caught dead in any of them?

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