Emma Roberts Agrees: “Girls Making the First Move Is So Not OK” (Exclusive Video)

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Emma Roberts and Freddie Highmore‘s new movie, The Art of Getting By, is about the usual teen things — cutting class, falling behind on homework, and falling in love for the very first time. Been there, done that, right?!

We got the super cute co-stars to spill on how those themes of the movies translate to their real lives. And guess what? They’ve been there, done that too. See what Emma and Freddie had to say about playing hooky, plus why the guy should always make the first move. Dudes, we hope you’re taking notes…

Watch now!

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Want more Emma and Freddie? Check out the just-released pics below:

Movie is out now, guys! Do you agree with Emma that guys should always make the first move? Have you ever cut class? We wanna know below!