Just Days After Her Tragic Death, Vine Star’s Boyfriend Admits, “I Want to Die”

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As expected, the loved ones of Emma Greer DiBiase are having an incredibly difficult time following her death. The 16-year-old Vine star unfortunately lost her cancer battle at the beginning of the week, and although it’s just been a few days since her passing, her boyfriend is feeling the loss more than we can even imagine.

Lucas Ovalle tried to remain strong in the hours following her death, but his grief recently became so overwhelming that he admitted, “I want to die.”

“I want to die,” he tweeted yesterday. “Not that I’m suicidal, I just want to bathe in death, and have all the stress and anxiety and worries be cleaned right off.”

The teenager then went on to explain that part of his emotional turmoil is coming from how he still is in love with Emma, even though she is no longer alive.

“I’m being forced to turn off my love I feel so uncomfortable I feel awkward it gives anxiety being in this body I hate it I hate it,” he continued. “I have so much love in my heart and it’s only compatible for Emma and I have so much of it and I’m overflowing and I don’t know what to do.”

Our hearts are breaking for him. Emma, who went by the name of GIBBERTON on Vine, was diagnosed with Stage IV Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma at in October 2013. The 16 year old remained positive about her diagnosis, even when doctors told her back in January that she’d only have “three weeks to three months to live.” Our thoughts are with Lucas and the rest of Emma’s loved ones at this incredibly difficult time.

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