Teenage YouTube Star Wraps Up Pride Month by Coming Out as Transgender

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There are only a few days left in June, which is officially known as LGBT Pride Month. Thousands from the queer community celebrated the special time by participating in parades, fundraisers, etc., and countless other used it as an opportunity to come out — Emma Ellingsen, a YouTube star and Instagram model, is one of those people.

The 15-year-old Norwegian girl revealed to her YT subscribers that she is transgender in a video posted over the weekend.

She explained, “I found out that I was transgender when I was eight or nine. That was when I first knew it was possible to be transgender. I saw this documentary about these people being transgender and I was like, ‘Huh?!’ That was how it all started and how my process started.”

After she watched the documentary a bunch of times, the teen came out to her mom in the form of a message. She simply told her mother that she “wanted to be a girl” and got nothing but support.

“I’ve been very lucky because I’ve always had very great friends and very supportive family and people around me.”

Emma said that while she is not currently on hormones (she’ll start in a couple months), she does take medicine to block the testosterone from starting male puberty.

While many of her viewers were shocked at her reveal, because they had no idea she was trans, they were ultimately very accepting and praised the blonde for being so open and honest…as they SHOULD!

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