Say it Ain’t So! One of These Adorable British YouTube Couples Called it Quits

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WTF is going on in the YouTube relationship world right now?! Late last week, one of our favorite lesbian couples announced that they had broken up. But just our hearts were starting to recover from that news, ANOTHER adorable pair has called it quits, too.

British YouTubers Emma Blackery and Luke Cutforth revealed the news that they had split in a lighthearted video posted over the weekend. The pair started dating in April 2013, but didn’t publicly announce their relationship until October 2014.

The Brits said the decision to break up stemmed from their busy schedules and inability to actually see each other much in the upcoming months. The 24-year-old musician recently started touring with British band Busted, and the 22-year-old is busy filming a movie.

“Over the last few months me and Emma have just become incredibly busy and we weren’t talking that much and I was away and she’s going away…” Luke said.

Emma continued, “It was just our time, man. That’s all. We barely saw each other.”

But while many people were blindsided by Emma and Luke’s breakup, the former couple said it was a long time coming and there were absolutely no hard feelings.

“We’re so good and we’re so cool and we’re so not, like, hating each other. We don’t hate each other at all. We think each other are fabulous and we just want the best for each other.”

Emma and Luke are still so close, in fact, that he was staying on his ex’s couch at the time the video was filmed. #FriendshipGoals


While Emma and Luke’s post-breakup video was not awkward at ALL, these YT stars didn’t have the same kind of luck: