9 Movies Eminem Came Crazy Close to Starring In

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Don’t bother doing a double-take — you read that right! Turns out Eminem, as in the best-selling hip-hop artist in the country with ten number-one albums, could have actually had a huge career in an entirely different industry. While he’s been featured on too many movie soundtracks to count, the only film he ever had a major role in was 2002’s autobiographical 8 Mile alongside Brittany Murphy. He played a part pretty true to life as a young rapper trying to make it big, but that wasn’t the case for the other movies that he almost ended up in.

Just to be clear, we’re talking major movies, roles in feature films that any A-list actor would have been stoked to land. Wondering why so many casting directors were considering him in the first place? We were too, until we started thinking about how raw and passionate his performances are — not to mention his music videos. Clearly he knows how to perform for an audience and a camera!

But while we would have loved to see him try, not a single one of these nine movies featured the 45-year-old rapper. Whether they turned him down or he rejected them, these projects went on to other stars like Hayden Christensen and Mark Wahlberg.