Uh, What? It Looks Like Eminem “Needs a Doctor”

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Uh oh. Are Eminem and Dr.Dre making another trip to rehab? From the looks of this pic it may seem like it, but don’t worry, Slim Shady fans, Em and Dre have made a trip somewhere else…

The studio! The two legendary rappers/producers/all-around-awesome dudes have gone and done it again and have released another amazing duet.

This one’s called “I Need a Doctor,” which features rapping from both Em and Dre and vocals from up-and-comer Skylar Grey. You may recognize the song from Em’s latest album, “Recovery,” but…drum-roll please… it’s going to be Eminem’s new single! And that to the left? That’s the cover art.

BUZZ: Eminem gets, like, a million Grammy noms!

The song is reportedly available for download on February 1, but until then, listen to the song below over and over again. Illegally. Shh. We won’t tell if you don’t.


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