A Teenage Emily Osment Had a Chilling Encounter with Harvey Weinstein, Too

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While Harvey Weinstein is pleading for a second chance — which already came and went decades ago when he continued to harass women — more and more females are coming forward with their disgusting stories about the media mogul; one of the most recent tales coming from Emily Osment.

The 25-year-old actress took to Instagram to describe her own encounter with the now-65-year-old former head of The Weinstein Company, and it is chilling. The incident occurred when she was still a teenager, fresh off of her stint on Hannah Montana. “When I was 19 I was pushing my guitar through the x-ray machine at LAX when a huge man reached across security and slapped his hand on the case,” she began.

She continued, “‘Let me carry that to your gate for you,’ he said smiling. ‘No thanks, I got it’ I said to Mr. Weinstein. He persisted. I declined. He asked me where I was traveling to. He asked me again if he could escort me to my gate. I declined again. I was 19.”

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“My own encounter with Harvey is so inconsequential it seems ridiculous to even write about because small fear and an icky feeling in your belly is nothing compared to the stories I’m reading,” the blonde added, “but I still want to share because small or very, very large, he deserves to have his actions exposed.”

“To all the women coming forward about their sexual abuse, I hear you, I believe you, and I got you,” the Young & Hungry star exclaimed. “One in five women are sexually assaulted during their time in college, and only 43% of all sexual assaults are ever reported, but that number rises every year. If you see something say something, but most of all, be a friend, listen without judgment and don’t pressure someone to come forward if they’re not ready.”
Sadly, there are a lot of female celebrities who fell victim to sexual assault: