“Drift” Away with Emily Osment’s New Single from Cyberbully (First Listen!)

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Playing Hannah Montana‘s BFF must’ve taught Emily Osment a thing or two about the music biz. So when we heard that EO had a new single, we were dying to get a listen. We’ll tell you one thing: the song is de-press-ing. “Drift” is from the upcoming ABC Family movie, Cyberbully, so based on its context, we def understand why it’s so dark.

Click on to check out some of the intense lyrics and listen for yourself!

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I am
Just another number
Stack me up I’ll crumble
And drift along

I am
Just another nothing
Light me up I’ll fall in
And then be gone

You can check out Cyberbully on ABC Family, July 17 at 8p ET/PT. Have you ever been cyberbullied? Do you relate to this song? Spill your heart out in the comments!