After Six Years on YouTube, One of Your Favorites is Done With the Site Forever

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YouTube star Emily June has come a long way since she uploaded her first YouTube video six years ago. Since she started on the site, the 20-year-old fell in love, moved across the country, came back to her hometown, etc., and documented it all for her social media followers. But while many YouTubers threaten to quit the site that they once loved so much, not many actually stay away forever. Unfortunately, it seems that sweetbeautyx’s departure from YT is legit.

The Internet sensation announced that she was done making sit-down videos on her channel in an emotional video over the weekend called “My Last Video,” which she assured everyone was “not click bait.”

“I didn’t have the most normal high school/middle school experience; I kinda dealt with a lot of drama and stuff,” the girl who uploaded her first vid when she was just 14 years old said. “So, this was like my after-school escape; it was so much fun for me.”

Emily’s love for the video website started off as and “innocent and enjoyable” thing, but she eventually realized it “wasn’t [her] fun hobby anymore.” Even though she stuck with her channel for some time after her feelings began to shift, she came to the conclusion that YT wasn’t what she wanted to do about a year ago.

“YouTube became really business-y and really competitive and I would have meetings with people and it’s like, ‘oh, you should say Subscribe Here. You should make your thumbnails like this and your titles like this and make videos like this.’ And I was like… ‘uhh… sure?’ And I’d go home and be like, ‘This is not what I want to do, but I don’t even know what I want to do so I can’t do it yet.’ So I took a step back, kinda started all over and built myself from the ground up again this past year.”

Instead of the YouTube, The New Yorker decided to throw herself into a brand-new website, byEmilyJune.com, which launched yesterday. While Emily is definitely excited about these next steps, she knows she’s taking a big risk by walking away.

“It’s risky; YouTube is huge and booming for business. It’s really risky for me to leave. But if I’m not interested in something anymore, and I don’t feel my heart is in something anymore, than I just can’t do it.”

Although we’re definitely going to miss Emily’s smiling face popping up in our YouTube subscriptions box, we’re so happy that she’s happy and excited about the next phase in her life!


This definitely isn’t the first time a YouTuber has quit YT…