13 Embarrassing Things You Forgot You Googled in 2016

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Ready to face your demons? Yesterday, Google released its annual “Year In Search” from 2016, and its results are… illuminating. I have to say, of all the year-in-review content that gets pushed out at the end of the year — best tweets! Worst beauty trends! Best Tumblr posts! — I think the Google search roundups are my favorite. It’s the perfect, context-free summary of the year we just endured that simultaneously reminds you of your one-time obsessions that you now find mortifying (Chewbacca Mom, anyone?) and reassures you that, no matter how mortifying they might be, the obsession was perfectly warranted. Or, at least, popular.

In any case, I have always thought that it is your Google search history that tells you who you really are, and that it is your Google search history that serves as the ultimate human equalizer — no matter who you are, or how powerful you may be at, chances are good that you have Googled “Where is the Internet?” and “Am I a virgin?” at least once. Anyway, check out these embarrassing things that, statistically speaking, you Googled this year. It’s okay! You can take comfort in knowing that you are not the only one:

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