Hotties of the Week: Embarrassing Pics of Guys That Will Make You ROFL

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Normally every week for Hottie of the Week, we provide you with 10 sweltering hot pics of dudes so good-looking it’s unacceptable. But this week? We’re kinda doing the opposite. But before you “X” out the page in disgust, hear us out — these ten pics are of guys who are super hot now but uh, weren’t so much back in the day. From horrible hair (hey, Zac Efron) to horribly embarrassing (Ian Somerhalder. Yikes.), check out these hilarious pics of some of the best-looking guys of 2011. And if it’s any consolation, there’s still some shirtless pics in here, as per youge…

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Uh, we guess Zac Efron, during his pre HSM days, didn’t get the memo that crimped hair is, like, so 1988.

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And speaking of bad hair…Kellan Lutz had his fair share of it in the 2006 flick Stick It. Uh, nice butterfly clips?

We wish Gossip Girl would blast out these pics of Nate, uh, Chace Crawford as a shirtess cowboy. Come on. This is practically begging for blackmail.

Remember when Ryan Reynolds was on Sabrina the Teenage Witch? Us either. But we bet Ry’s super glad this pic lives on to remind us of his oh-so-sexy ’90’s haircut.

Ok, so this pic of Jake Gyllenhaal in a Grace Jones pose might be fake. But regardless, let’s all take a sec to LOL at it, shall we? Ok. We’re done.


Oh, Taylor Lautner. If only he knew that this red carpet pose he struck on a 2005 red carpet would soon become The Situation’s his signature. Good thing he hired a stylist since then, though.

Before Glee, Darren Criss was a part of Team StarKid, starred as Harry Potter on YouTube… and he looked like this. Yeah. We like him better as Blaine Anderson, too.

What’s scarier — Ian Somerhalderas a vampire or as a teenage model? Tough call.


And in other vampire slash model news — yup, that’s Rob Pattinson. And no, that’s not PhotoShopped. Yikes.

Fine, so this pic of Joe Jonas is relatively recent — it’s from his “Single Ladies” spoof in 2009 — but that black leotard? Uh, so not cute.

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Which guy’s pic do you think is most humiliating? And which of the dudes do you think is the hottest today? Tell us in the comments and make sure you vote below!