Ellie and Jared Mecham Suffer Second Tragic Miscarriage in Four Months

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Before Ellie and Jared Mecham were two of the biggest daily vloggers on YouTube, they were simply a couple documenting their struggle with infertility online. Miraculously, the 26- and 29-year-old eventually welcomed two little boys, Jackson and Calvin, but now that their youngest is two years old, they’re ready to expand their family. The blonde unfortunately suffered a miscarriage back in May, just days after finding out she was pregnant with her third child. Ellie secretly got pregnant once again about a month ago, but sadly also miscarried.

E and J hid their most recent pregnancy from their subscribers, perhaps trying to make it out of the first trimester before they told the 1.2 million people who watch their videos. The pair uploaded a heartfelt vlog yesterday, however, after they went to a routine ultrasound appointment and the doctor informed them that the baby stopped growing and Ellie would miscarry.

The YouTubers are obviously incredibly upset by the news, but as per usual, are trying their best to be optimistic.

“We had exactly one month of the most enjoyable month together,” Jared said. “It was special and it was nice.”

Ellie continued, “We did have a wonderful month […] but I am going to allow myself to be sad and grieve. I do have two beautiful, healthy boys and I did get pregnant on my own and that alone is a blessing and I see that, but I’m still gonna grieve.”

The couple is still going to continue trying to expand their family and promises to always share things, whether they’re good or bad.

Our hearts go out to the Mecham family at this incredibly difficult time. Everyone knows that Ellie and Jared are the best parents and we cannot WAIT until the day that they bring home their third little bundle of joy.